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Customer Testimonial Video

We created the "About us" video for Cypress Assistance Ministries in Houston, which will help with their awareness and donations. 

(You can view them mentioning us on their facebook page in the post description)

You have us available to provide you with a web commercial catered specific to your business needs.

We've had the privilege of doing promotional or other video work for Apache Industrial Services, Raising Cane's, Primoris Heavy Civil, Texan Insurance, and small one person businesses as well.

Hire a company with the knowledge and writing abilities needed to make your video shine, who can ask the right questions - as well as the ability to manage your video through pay per click ads.

But if you happen to not be convinced that video can help grow your business in the first place, check out some amazing stats as to why by clicking here -  Video is King – 30+ Video Marketing Statistics in 2023


You can go it on your own with something DIY or do the work in house, but there's a good chance the results from going this route won't exactly look so professional, have the right content, or have the best results.

There are several avenues we can take for you, from story driven, emotionally based advertising, to showing the buyer's journey and delight they found in a customer testimonial, to responding to typical objections your customers may have which prevent them from buying.

We do this all in a high quality and engaging web commercial, that will help sell on it's own 24/7, all in a way that photos and text on a web page simply cannot.

Call us to see how we can help build your sales through the power of video marketing

(click to view some of our reviews)

Specializing in video marketing, without Ad Agency pricing...
Web Commercials to help you get more customers
The process as simple as...
1. Planning/Discovery: We get to know your business more, and provide recommendations for what kind of video ad can help.

determine more information for any scripting if needed.  The final output, such as paid online ads, can also be discussed.

You can even let us know the total hours you can devote to the video (all correspondence/filming) and we will let you know what you can achieve for that timeframe, and work within that.
2. Filming: We schedule and film your web commercial
3. Editing/Delivery: We edit the video, and complete revisions based on feedback. 

Then, we help with online ad management, or provide guidance if needed (additional cost).

(It's also possible to test different versions for maximum effectiveness, but this is optional)
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