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We are ready to give your customers an engaging window into what makes you unique, amazing, and trustworthy - as well as all the concise information they need to captivate them into sold customers - all in a way that words or photos on a web page simply cannot.

This is the power of video for businesses.


We specialize in businesses.  Our background is in video.


Are you considering hiring a video company which doesn't specialize in business videos to showcase who you are?  Or planning on doing it on your own?

This will serve as an introduction no matter who you hire, but it won't be as effective as hiring a company with the knowledge and writing abilities needed to make your video shine - who ask the right questions - as well as the ability to manage your video campaign through Youtube pre-roll ads.

But if you are one of the small businesses still not sure if video will even help you in the first place, please check out a few of the 55 video marketing statistics for 2020 to see how it can help you boost your sales.


Our pricing is within range of most budget levels, many corporate video companies price their work outside of what is considered affordable.


We specialize in video marketing including promotional videos, web commercials, corporate videos, infomercials, and instructional videos.


Call us today to discuss how we can increase your business to the next level with marketing through video production

We make Web Commercials to help you build your Customers ... and then help setup and manage Youtube Pre-roll ads
phone: 832-602-2310
email: info@accurateframevideo.com

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